I was born in 1977 in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. As a child each flower caught my attention. When I came home from school I’d rather have a colour pencil then a piece of bread in my hands.

Living at the countryside, nearby the dyke of the Waddenzee, I absorb nature every day. The nights when there is no wind and it’s hard to tell where the sky stops and the sea begins are magical to me. Thus, nature is a big source of inspiration, often in (mystical) relationship to the psychological processes that man has to face in life. Motives from religions and myths are also being found in my work.

Sometimes only after finishing a work it becomes clear why I made a particular painting. Something from the subconscious reveals itself through the painting. Despite this seemingly personal character the painting can act as a mirror for the spectator. This way, painting unites itself with my former background as a psychologist.


All paintings are made in fine painting technique. This is a traditional, labour intensive technique: many different thin layers of oil paint are applied on a panel. In the first phase, the under painting, light and shadow is made with titan white and omber trough which form and structure arise. When the under painting has dried thoroughly, different layers of (semi)transparent colour give life to the painting. This is the second phase. These different coats of colour give depth and detail to the painting. It takes several months to finish a painting.