61 × 76 cm
Oil on panel
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This painting was a free commision. A blond woman is lying down in the forest, Beneath her dress, a brook takes its rise. I finished the painting when I suddenly remembred 'Hludana': Visiting the Frisian Museum one object attracted my special attention: a vow stone dedicated to the old pegan godess Hludana from the beginning of the Christian era, excavated in 1888 in the small village of Beetgum, Friesland. Vaguely, an image of a sitting woman can be seen. The translation of the latin inscription says: 'To the godess Hludana the tenants of fisheries when Quintus Valerius Secundus was main tenant, have charged vow, voluntary and to merit.'
Hludana was an important godess, not only to the Frisians but also for other peoples. Along the banks of the Rhine four other vow stones were found. She was probably the patron of fisheries