Godinnen / mythen


Selene is the sister of the Greek sun god Helios. She was a lower goddess. At night she brought the mild light upon the earth in which mortals feel happy.


This painting was a free commision. A blond woman is lying down in the forest, Beneath her dress, a brook takes its rise. I finished the painting when I suddenly remembred 'Hludana': Visiting the Frisian Museum one object attracted my special attention: a vow stone dedicated to the old pegan godess Hludana from the beginning of the Christian era, excavated in 1888 in the small village of Beetgum, Friesland. Vaguely, an image of a sitting woman can be seen.


As a daughter of earth goddess Demeter the Greek goddess, Persephone rules everything that blooms. She was abducted by Hades, god of the Underworld. The earthly plant world seems to be dead during the time she lives as a queen of the dead in the Underworld. For out of grief about her abduction, her mother doesn’t care for the crops anymore. But by order of Zeus, Hades has to bring back Persephone every year. Then Demeter revives again and everything starts to grow and blossom again. The earth covers itself with blossoms and the corn germinates.


Zeus, king of the gods fell in love with Leda, but she rejected him. She changed her mind when he disguised himself as a swan.


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